About Jen

I am a creative dreamer and doer with nearly 20 years of professional experience. As an Ohio-based designer, I specialize in design and marketing communication: visual and graphic design, identity & branding, publication design, product design, environmental design, interactive & web design, production design, storytelling, pageantry graphics and performance art. At the core of my endeavors, the goal remains the same – to use imagination, skill and experience to bring ideas to life, share them with others and have a little fun.
I love having the opportunity to learn what clients are passionate about and HELP THEM TELL THEIR STORY - AUTHENTICALLY & INTENTIONALLY
I have had the opportunity to learn, grow and collaborate with the best at a boutique design and marketing firm, Herip Associates. Throughout my time and employment here I had the privilege to work with a wide variety of clients creating design solutions on an even wider variety of projects. Not to mention I have met some amazing people along the way. Click here to see agency project examples, located in the Projects section of my LinkedIn profile.
Over the years I have broadened my experience by working for myself as an Independent Designer. Through my involvement in music based educational organizations and not for profit groups, I also became part of the team at Ferguson Design Solutions where custom music, sound design, visual design and artwork are the specialty. With a strong background in music and dance I am able to contribute my design experience and skills to enhance a visual experience or performance by bringing it to the next level – from concept to completion or something in between.
For details on my professional experience, please visit my profile on LinkedIn.com.
For even more details, including my resume and additional project examples, Contact Me.
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A Bit More About Me:
My childhood dream was to…
Be helpful to others and spread joy; become a veterinarian, pediatrician, or an animator.

Simply can’t live without…
Family, Friends, Pets... and Disney!

Finding inspiration out of the studio...
I am an animal lover who likes to read, is learning how to cook, enjoys the outdoors, hiking & yoga, and I especially love spending time with my family.